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Klueless 9 Answers, Clues and Spoilers.

The Kall of the Klueless

It’s that time of the year again when thousands of people world over are gearing up for an arduous, but supremely satisfying, adventure through a convoluted maze of riddles that not only puzzle but delight, and constantly keep them on their toes and asking for more. Klueless, as this fiendish adventure is called, is an online treasure hunt that is a part of Ahvan, IIM Indore’s annual management festival. It has garnered a cult following in its eight years of existence, and the 9th version promises to redefine online riddling and raise the bar a notch higher. The previous version of the game, Klueless 8, registered 1 million hits from 110 countries, with over 20000 unique players, and its live blog generated 5 comments per minute- testimony to its huge popularity among online puzzlers.

"Caution: The game is so addictive that you may not be able to work, sleep, and eat over the next few days which may lead to something disastrous like you being fired from your job or something pleasing like, sudden reduction in body weight owing to lack of sleep and food.!! So, are you ready to challenge your mind, body and soul?" (Some of the text are copied from other blogs. Hope they don't mind)

Here's the link:

And here you can see the people who sweated their way into the Hall of Fame:

Most levels will require some amount of lateral thinking combined with some help from our good ol' friend Google. Images can also be reverse-searched using Google/Tineye. 

Usually, the clues for each level can be found in Page Title, URL, Images and their names, Page source, 

Klueless 9 Level 1: Jus click. Even my grandmother could do it. 

Klueless 9 Level 2: As there's no answer bar, you've to change the last part of the url. Change it to what's shown in the pic. Not its name. 

Klueless 9 Level 3: Select your route. This may be the easiest level in any Klueless. 

Klueless 9 Level 3a: See the source.. The Fs has been replaced with N. Now you can think of a word from the word which is often associated with the word republic. It will direct you to a country and what happened there in 2010. Search the specific term in Wooplr. you can easily identify the answer. 

Klueless 9 Level 3b: Install the Wooplr app in your smartphone. Search something specific from the level in that. You'll reach a page about a game. The missing level of which is the answer. 

Klueless 9 Level 3c: Facepalm.. As it says.. It's not so easy dude. Go back to the hard ways. 

Klueless 9 Level 4: Lupin and Howl is your biggest clue. Five of them are there in the pic. Find the sixth one. Hope you GoT it. :)

Klueless 9 Level 5: Nine Versions so far. Each pic will give you a version. Now find the missing version. Not it's technic but its sweetness. :)

Klueless 9 Level 6: Find out whose weapons are those. Find out the owner or the master. Or in other words whose's mutant is he. TMNT.

Klueless 9 Level 7: Find what the Pictures are. Search them in pairs. How to pair them, that's up to you. Then there's a theme connecting them. If you do  gaming addict you'll find it quickly. 

Klueless 9 Level 8: Find the characters using Bulbapedia. Find its properties. As the source says you've to find another series. This time with numbers in it. Name the next one and you're through. 

Klueless 9 Level 9: Yet another Game of Thrones Level. They seems too fond of it this year. It's a simple cipher. Solve the equation. Get five words. One from each equation. Google it. Find out who said those words. First names only. No idea whatsover what Credit Rating AAA means. Perhaps USA. 

Klueless 9 Level 10: I love any levels of Klueless based on this theme. This's such a cool level. Here you need to find a file. After you get it, make the picture move. It'll give you the ingredients. If you're a fan of this, then it's a cakewalk. Otherwise google is your only friend. P.S: What are you brewing? Put it as password (without spaces). 

Klueless 9 Level 11: The pictures points to evolution. Find the first thing that happened. The image name tells you what to look for. The TV show depicting the character helps to get you close. Answer the source question and move forward. 

Klueless 9 Level 12: Each picture in the image corresponds to a letter in CAMIFS. Find the 7th letter and you're through.

Klueless 9 Level 13: It's a bit tricky. Find the dates of two events in the image. Now refer image name and find another date. Now find what source code asks you to find. Now don't get FLOORed!

Klueless 9 Level 14: Here find the country corresponds to Surat. Think about the codes in telecommunication. You'll get a movie about some characters escapes from a ___ The ZooZoo is only half you knw. :) Find the year in which it was incepted. Find what happened in India then. One word answer. 

Klueless 9 Level 15: If you're a fan of this, you'll crack this in seconds. For laymen, those are the statistics in a season. You can guess the game from the background and the points system. The numbers in the source corresponds number of 3s and 1s in the image. to Or else you could leave all that and search for the professor in the game. :)

Klueless 9 Level 16: You know the game. Find what was there before the game. Select your path. Three animals gives three different routes. Answers are from Season 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

Klueless 9 Level 16a: Simple. Just find the image name. Who's she? For that you need to connect four different pics. Last two images combined and the first image will give you one big clue. Now relate that with the main level. For an answer find what's associated with her in season 1. 

Klueless 9 Level 16b:  This's really easy. Find a person from the images, source clues, image name etc etc. Googling always helps. For an answer, find what's related to him in season 2. 

Klueless 9 Level 16c: This really's the toughest one in this level. If you don't know how to connect, then you could be searching the needle in a haystack. Easiest way is to find the actor and the charactors he played. One of the charactors will help you get to the answer. For he's a social reformer and have a national historic site on the banks of that river. He helps you to pick the answer from season 3. 

Klueless 9 Level 17: Forget the clues. Look at your key board and follow your finger while typing those random letters. Find the pair for an answer. 

Klueless 9 Level 18: The image and source combined gives you "the original five families." Now find the original families. Their combined initials in alphabetical order is the answer.

Klueless 9 Level 19: 

"A good objective of a fellow Kluemonger is to help those who are doing poorly to do well and to help those who are doing well to do even better."

The Klueless team maintains a good blog in which there are lots of klues. Find out them here:

If you still feel you need more clues, you could comment below or write to me at

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Klueless 8 Answers, Clues and Spoilers

Klueless !!!

No other online game in India brings about this much expectations and excitement. "For the uninitiated ones, Klueless is an online game hosted during the event 'Ahvan' hosted by IIM Indore. The game is a sequence of puzzles, with multiple levels. Each level consists of a logical riddle and is to be solved to advance to the next level."

"Caution: The game is so addictive that you may not be able to work, sleep, and eat over the next few days which may lead to something disastrous like you being fired from your job or something pleasing like, sudden reduction in body weight owing to lack of sleep and food.!! So, are you ready to challenge your mind, body and soul?" (Some of the text are copied from other blogs. Hope they don't mind)

This is the best, toughest and most brilliant Klueless I played ever.. Playing it had been amazing fun. 

Here's the link:

And here you can see the people who sweated their way into the Hall of Fame:

Most levels will require some amount of lateral thinking combined with some help from our good ol' friend Google. Images can also be reverse-searched using Google/Tineye. 

Usually, the clues for each level can be found in Page Title, URL, Images and their names, Page source, 

  • Some amount of binary (.doc, .jpg etc.) download/manipulation may be required to get the hint to next level.
  • There may be answers which lead you down the wrong path so watch out!
  • Please note: Not every one of these might be a clue.  They promise to make a conscious effort to mislead you.

Klueless 8 Level 1: Just click

Klueless 8 Level 2: Change the URL to something else. Pray to God  in Greek. Nothing to do with Zodiac signs. Here "He" can also be "She". :)

Klueless 8 Level 3: Connect the pictures. Think what the fire does to your hand. Take a turn. Connect it to the river. Add the source. Search it up. It's a famous game.

Klueless 8 Level 4: Who's Robin to Batman, Watson to Holmes and finally X to the man in the picture?

Klueless 8 Level 5: Three types.. Their tails tell you a lot. Helots and Spartans.. You should have listen to your Social classes. 

Klueless 8 Level 6: K8 brilliance start from here.. You have the function there.. Find the countries. Find the cities the keyboard clue asks you to find. Finally the relation between those cities wrt that function. It's the common word in both

Klueless 8 Level 7: Find out what the pictures are.. From here onwards it's mandatory. Better you practice cut, crop and search pictures.. Search them together with other clues. The answer is the last name of the person you get.

Klueless 8 Level 8: They're not talking about European Economy, then what else could be it. Find the person mentioned in the image. Connect it with some part of the source clue and you are through.

Klueless 8 Level 9: This's one of the few crap levels of this year's Klueless. Find the cartoon character mentioned there. Find the what the lines in the image represent. It's associated with major works of a person. Think movies. 

Klueless 8 Level 10: Connect the two persons to get a song. The second image is that of Herb Alpert. Then find what's special about that diary and tiara. The image name helps you a lot here. Think movies. And finally for an answer find an actress who's connected with all these.

Klueless 8 Level 11: This perhaps is one of the most brilliant levels in Klueless I've ever played. Nothing works here except the right answer. It's a dirty trick. Just find the right word. Page title tells you how to enter it. Look at the image closely, it tells you something. Answer what's it and you're through. Or else closely observe what pattern or behavior it follows when you enter an answer. 

Klueless 8 Level 11: Error: Find the correct word from those gibberish. I know it's like searching a needle in the hay stack, but unfortunately you have to do it. When you find the word you'll know what you've to do with it. 

Klueless 8 Level 12: This level is a sitter. The word binary is perhaps the only meaningful clue here. For a start find out what that picture is. Connect binary to the picture literally and you're through. 

Klueless 8 Level 13: If you're a racing fan this's a cakewalk.  Connect the track or what you infer from the track to the year 1994. Something most disastrous happened then. What they're looking for is the official time.

Alternatively you can use the text file hidden ins src code. Google the words together with the year. But I guess it's not required. 

Klueless 8 Level 14: If you chat a lot, this could be as easy as it gets. Decode the images to letters and move on. 

P.S.: The last letter here is S and the first letter is H or L. Both answers are acceptable. 

Klueless 8 Level 15: This's perhaps the only level that's below par in Klueless standards this year. It's really simple and it takes a cue from last year's Ray Croc level. I dunno why they selected this in TGRS. Stare into flames and read out top down. 

Klueless 8 Level 16: This is one awesome connection round. Connect the pairs of picture in the upper half. Treat it like rebus.   Then find out who is the plumber mentioned here. The source clue will help you reach him. Spinach to Popoye could also be a great clue here. The picture St. George and the Dragon will make sense then. Find what's it and as they say old is gold. So you've to go for the oldest of the lot. 

Klueless 8 Level 17: The source tells you what clock it is. Find out why it stops at certain time.. Connect that with URL. You'll get a song. Nothing to do with it. Now find why clock smiles at a certain time. Associate the word "Crater" to that. Find where exactly is that. Take the way north in the end.

Klueless 8 Level 18:Find what the jersey colors of the teams actually are. And find out why you're seeing it different. Something wrong with your eyes perhaps. Connect that to the chemist and you're done.

Klueless 8 Level 19: Find out what the words are. The source clue helps you here. Find the years associated with it. Now connect it to the missing thing in EGOT. Find what's common between the 2 movies. It's year of the movies and not year of the awards. Only three have done so till now. Find the third one and connect it back to the game and the word associated with it. 

Klueless 8 Level 20: Select your doors and your order. You have to solve 2 sub levels to go through. You could select any of it. Solving 20a opens door to 20b, 20c to 20d and 20e to 20f. Select the ones you think is easy. 

Klueless 8 Level 20a: You have to find a famous hand. This little guy pops up yet again. Connect him to 16 and you get something. Connect what you get to DC Comics.. You'll again get something. Find the 205th of that. Then connect the words cards and hand to that. All you have to find is whose hand is that.

Klueless 8 Level 20b: Find what's common between Ironman, Batman and the Centurions. Now refer the source and find the other super hero. No, not He-man. Find another Sword toting superhero. Think Japan. Think Warriors. Connect it with title. Answer is the first two names of that series. 

Klueless 8 Level 20c: Take a cue from Level 2 and find out what system they're talking about. Now some thing went down from 9 to eight in 2006. Find it's other name.
P.S.: Think about dogs.

Klueless 8 Level 20d: Find the instrument or rather something similiar and the person / movie (it's a letter). Add the letter in the picture and unjumble. Connect it to the Page title clue and you're through. 

Klueless 8 Level 20e:  All you have to knw to solve the level is hidden in the source code. Find what's mentioned there and connect it to page title.. It's one of the seven. The chart denotes its capital cities. Just find the owner of the missing coordinate. 

Klueless 8 Level 20f: Source tells you about a city called sheshak in the Book of Jeremiah (Weeping Prophet's book). Some says it's the city of Babel (Babylon) in Atbash encrypted form. Answer is a 3 word combo. Here the pictures are mirror images of the actual. So after the decryption/encryption you have to change something in some word to get the answer. :)

Klueless 8 Level 21: You've got to make two sets of numbers from the picture. The top row gives the relation and bottom row is the actual number. Please note, there are no repetitions in first row. Avoid the question marks and treat them as birds itself. Find the numbers in the bottom row replacing the birds in the top row.  You've to decode it something else to get through. 

Klueless 8 Level 22: Find the location using coordinates. Google them as it's shown in the image. The place name is synonymous with a famous band. Find what's the conspiracy. Easy one. 

Klueless 8 Level 23: Brilliant level I must say. Find what's that famous seven they're mentioning. The proportions of the birds does matter. Then find what's the score 10-9 means. Also the 9th and 10th of that occurred in the same format. Now the question is, where do the bird fly next? Be specific. 

Klueless 8 Level 24: This's one of the few worst levels of this year's edition. Connect everything. Mind you the connections are vague. Find the flag. It's belongs to some dynasty. Find the country associated with it/ Relate that with rest of the clues or what you could make out from it. You'll get something. That something is also something else, something creative. Now for the final part, the source tells you two people drafted it. Try out both names. The answer is either of it.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Sugar is Sweet, and so am I.

Klueless 8 Level 25: Find the person who's mentioned in the source clue. Leave the drastic event. He also had a song about somebody else, somebody famous. The images help you identify it. Now all you have to find is his Next of Kin. 

Klueless 8 Level 26: Find the planets and its associated metals using the symbols. Find the numbers associated with it. Now convert all the measurements shown in image to something in the image name. Finally do what the title says. As the source says, whatever you get it's rare.  Nice level BTW.

Klueless 8 Level 27: Find the cartoon character in the image and connect it to image name. No, not Arsenal and Fred Beardsley. The other generic connection. Find the club associated with it. Now the eight flowers (its name is not important) help you identify something drastic. He was the hero then literally and sometimes referred so. 

Klueless 8 Level 28: The source refers to years here. Combine that with the URL clue. Now consider the image. By virtue of their fathers, three are already there. Find the fourth one. The relation is based on only first names of these personalities and the answer is also a first name.

Klueless 8 Level 29: Google all the images. Yes. unfortunately you have to do it. There's no other way. Find the songs. Now use the numbers on those songs lyrics. You'll get another song. Use the image name. You'll get to know a famous person. The answer is another famous person who he debates with. 

Klueless 8 Level 30: Find the two images. Connect the first part of first image to the text and the special colors shown in the text. You'll get a team. No, not India. :) Now connect that to 2003 and syndrome. You'll get something. Connect what you got to second part of first image. You'll get something famous. Now find the word that's given in the colored letters. For an answer, it's the model no. of the second image.  

Klueless 8 Level 31: Brilliant level from the TGRS winner. Giving clues for levels like this is a crime. Anyway, find the thing the image name points out. There's one and you've to find anotherNow decode it using a cipher which uses a birthday as a key. The format is MMDDYY. Get the three words and put them together with the correct extension given in the background of the ciphered text to download a file. Check the file well enough to get through.

Klueless 8 Level 32: Again lot of cut, crop and search. Find all the doodles and the countries associated with each. You've to find a missing member. Get the general theme of the level from source hint. Connect it to the countries and see which one is missing. And for the final answer, it's non antiqua, meaning it's not hand writing. 

P.S.: Think how would you write your name in a resume.

Klueless 8 Level 33: One of the easiest levels in 30+ range. There was a level like this in one of the previous version of the game. There the clue was "It's elementary my dear Watson". Check the dots in the image. There's a clickable link in one of that. Or else use the page source to get that. It takes you to an image. Page source refers to a magic word. Get that and find 2 words using the numbers and the chart. Find 40th and 41st of those and add both. That's it period. 

Klueless 8 Level 34: Find the tinyurl link from source code and the image - Find the song on tv. Now find a cipher using the image name clue. Shift it according to the page title. Decode it and again go with tinyurl. You'll reach a very famous youtube video. Find the person who got away with that. It was breaking news at that time. Check the description of the video. The face-palm image is just to piss you off. 

Klueless 8 Level 35: Find the persons in the images. There's a relation between their movies. Think numbers. Now you've to find three persons. You'll get one from page title. He won special lion award for overall work in one famous film festival.  You'll get someone else from image name. Again find the relation between movies. Do the basic math. Find the other movie and for an answer, it's a famous actor in that movie. 

Klueless 8 Level 36: This's the most hair pulling level in this year's Klueless. Learn about the game, mostly it's scoring methods/ letter distributions. Observe the board closely. Numbers on that existing tiles points to a particular series. Take page title into account. Yes. You have to make a word  which means 'steal' that's worth 20 points. The letters should be picked from that series. I knw it's not easy. But trial and error works and there's not much combinations available. Find out what all letters to be there to make that magic 20. K is mandatory. Find the others.

P.S.: Final answer has no bearing on the Scrabble board shown, except to find the series, and the clue "If you have a coin, you'll hire a cab". If not what will you do? Steal? Play it as in an empty board. 

Klueless 8 Level 37: Brilliant level I must say and you've got lot of work to do in this. Find the game associated with 9*9 grid. Get the document. Find the numbers. You could see some numbers are in italics. Well they're the actual numbers. The two numbers next to it, think them as addresses. Now plot the numbers in the grid. Use the image name as clue. Take bottom up approach. Now find words in Yellow, Green and Red by picking the numbers from respective squares. Use T9 to get words out of that. 

P.S.: This level accepts both numbers (with spaces) as well as the words (1 each in YGR). But for giving respect to this brilliant level, I suggest you go for the words. Got to give an award or something for these guys. :-)

Klueless 8 Level 38: Again lot of work to do.  Open a spread sheet. 
Split those numbers into meaningful coordinates. Plot them on a chart (use scatter plot). You can figure out something. Search it with the source clue that changed your luck. You'll know what the image name means after you find the answer.

Klueless 8 Level 39: Get the animated image. It's the mirror copy of the main image. Find out the blinking coordinates. I guess you can use some image editor software to slow it down or split it. Anyway note down the coordinates. Now find a simple cipher to decode it. Something simpler than Morse code. Think prisoners. Ignore the negatives. Use the format (y,x). The four quadrants gives four different words. Unjumble it, if it's not in the order. Google them together. First two words of their name is the answer.

I guess you had a wonderful time playing Klueless. Please do send the mail after you finish, no matter when.

You can reach me for additional clues @

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Klueless 7 Clues and Spoilers

The Klueless Mania

Hi all.. Yet another year has passed and yet another edition of Klueless has come.. And playing it has been an amazing experience.
And Oh boy, this year it was a great surprise for me. They selected  one of the levels I send for The Great Role Switcheroo.

Please notice Level No. 26, and let me know how is it.. I would really appreciate your comments.. I am open to criticisms also..  and please don't curse me, for this level. I've nothing against you.. :) 

It has been a very slow journey without food and sleep. And If I haven't wasted much time for some silly levels, and I didn't lose some 24 hours time for my journey from Doha,  I might have ended up with a much better position.  Nevertheless it was Fun.. As they say it's not the win, but the journey that matters.. So now start playing..  Here's the link

You can see some of the greatest Kluemongers from India in their most coveted hall of fame here..

I implore you not to use this clues and find out the answers on your own.. You might be missing the fun and kick from getting past each levels.. 

Some of this are pretty explicit and some are pretty weird. You can only get the answer if you think in the same lines. So this clues can be misleading.. and some will loose the interest in the game. Each and every level of K7 are carefully designed to perfection with enough clues to proceed by K7 Team..

So please please please don't use this until you're really stuck on some levels. 

You can find many hints posted by mods and other players in their official blog..

First time players please READ RULES PAGE THOROUGHLY before proceeding with the game. And remember this before you start.  

"Not everything that looks like a hint may point to the right answer/path. They would like to play with your mind once in a while you know :-)"

Klueless 7 Level 1: A simple click will do. The easiest level in any edition of Klueless.
First time players, please look for any clickable objects in the picture. This should be the first thing you do for every level. It will save you a lot of time and the frustrations if you finds it after hours into a level.   

Klueless 7 Level 2: Do you love science? Then it should be as easy as it gets.. For others, refer the source code and seek Wiki Aunty's help. She's a long page about it in her bag. :) And remember, Google Uncle and Wiki Aunty are your only relatives to help you in this journey.
For starters, please read rule page thoroughly before you start. Learn about locator and extension manipulations.. It will help you a long way throughout the game. 

Klueless 7 Level 3: Refer the magic number. Google Uncle solves Rokicki and Kociemba's illusion. But for you to get through, do exactly what the 'source' says.. Pictures says a thousand words.. but you need jut ONE of them, and that too in Arabic style. 

Klueless 7 Level 4: OH BUOY, What a beauty this level has been!? You need to find an Aves. But first you've to understand that Google Uncle has reverse searching capabilities, or his cousin TinEye might help. But as usual you have to go to Wiki Aunty for the final help. And here's your first surprise.. and I don't want to spoil it.. :)

Klueless 7 Level 5: It's gonna happen in 2012.. And you better be ready to face the grunt of Natasha  Keeping a poker face might not help. But remember Google Uncle will never let you down. 

Klueless 7 Level 6: Ceasar said Veni, Vidi, Vici! But K7 team says different. But the words were as old as Ceaser. You might feel it's gibberish, but my boy, there's more to it. May be you could refer a chart. But I guess you only gonna find this on 1st October 32. I am fed up. Now go to Wiki Aunty and ask for help. Go.. GO.. :) 

Klueless Level 7:  What are you waiting for.. Don't you see crop marks? Now Cut the pictures and Go to Google Uncle. He'll fix it. And do you think these two guys with a rocket could do something to  a person who's been going around the world for many years? The answer is a Yes.  For veterans, I think there hasn't been a single edition of Klueless without this guys presence. That's enough of a klue for such a brilliant level. 

Klueless 7 Level 8: Grotesque and Gothic, Does it ring any bell? If not then Brush Strokes might. Now the question is why word spellcheck is going bonkers? Answer that question and move on. Or I might help you after all others lets you down. 

Klueless 7 Level 9: When they say "It's not a Harry Potter Level" then you better believe it.. If not HP, then what could be it? Find out what and Wiki Aunty is craving to help you. You could flip the book over. Solve for X and then Solve for Y. As simple as that.. Forgot to mention I hate maths. My friend did it for me.

Klueless 7 Level 10: I loved this level. It's really simple yet brilliant. There are 3 Super Stars, All you have to find is the Fourth Super Star. Among others, there are many similarities between these three.. All are born in July, 2 have the Same star signs, all have 4 Parts Super movies etc. etc. You don't need to worry about all those.. Just find out who the heck is the Fourth Super Star.. Google Uncle helps even if you approach him with 1/4th of 1000 words.. :)

Klueless 7 Level 11: They (K7) started off this journey on 11th of 11th of 11th..(11/11/11). But something ended on 11th of 11th of 11th.  Now you go back to the past and follow the route. Only thing you have to find is where it ended. FYI: Flowers are not merely to decorate the wall.  Wiki Aunty will only help with correct reference from Google Uncle.

Klueless 7 Level 12: All you have to find is the title says. The leader is the key. He was a great seafarer. For one he was never lost. Now stop ogling and refer Google Uncle. It's not their secrets or the being at something's end that matters. 

Klueless 7 Level 13: Well, as they say it's just numbers. Golden Ratio might tell the relation between it. Find out what it's and what's there to add in the Ans bar and you're home. If SPFIRC is not enough, refer BRIC also.. :)

Klueless 7 Level 14: I loved this game when I was a kid, still am. All you have to do is play the game. When you threw in the dice, the count was 4+3. It seems the the fabulous four are up for the money bags.

Klueless 7 Level 14A: Oh Crap! The fab four tripped and fell into a pile of cow dung. Now it's your turn. Don't forget your past, but move on. Now don't walk like on "Abbey Road".

Klueless 7 Level 14B: Now Mr. Unknown says Batman is above him and someone is always below him. Google Uncle is your only friend here. And don't forget to search other clues as well.

Klueless 7 Level 15: Oh God.. I loved this level. Brilliant I must say. You know that game right? Now solve it. Don't bother with your brains. Seek online help. Now approach the square as it were an onion. You were doing it since age old 3310s and now you reached the Galaxys and Androids. The methods change, but here you've to go back to the age old method of manual labor. And I must warn you, it's not T9. 

Klueless 7 Level 16: It's pretty dark. For you to go past there should be enough brightness. Let there be light and you squint. Make a move if you could make enough from the light. 

Klueless 7 Level 17: This is one of the worst levels of Klueless 7, perhaps the whole kluelesses combined. Creation of clues, lines, picture and all are beyond brilliance. But it's only the answer that disappoint us. You have to do as the title says. For that you have to search a year for every line in the picture. The source tells you a story combined with url. Ignore the flowers, and try to find years. First two are relatively easy. Google Uncle helps you if you approach him with correct keywords. Now I must say, I got through with sheer luck and brute force. I got a clue that only one of it is above millennium. Now you try. Trial and error might be the only thing that works for you.

Klueless 7 Level 18: Don't merely stare at screen. Stare at your fingers and then stare at screen. It's sort of a cipher. Decrypt it and move on. Activity based costing can also be Neo or Turkish. For veterans, think about the last level of K6.

Klueless 7 Level 19: If you watched the movie, it is as easy as it gets for a level 19. For others it's somewhere hidden in the Wiki Page. For newbies, my advice would be to, stare at the pic, identify and watch the scene and find the answer. The part is available in youtube.

Klueless 7 Level 20: Google Uncle might reverse search it for you. But for you to go through, you better search it on the center. But as they say it's on the sides that does matter. Find it, consult with Wiki Aunty. We are Indians, so it might not be hard to find something of our country name. But unfortunately you have to forgo our beloved country for something Japanese. :)

Klueless Level 21:  This level is a tribute to Klueless 6 and it's wonderful mods I guess. It's a nice gesture from the TGRS to remember and mention those brilliant minds behind Klueless 6, who not only created one of the magnificent online puzzles on the planet, but tirelessly interacted with us through their blog and FB page to help us cross some unthinkable Levels. Now back to this level.. Do you play Blackjack? Then it's the easiest one. For layman like me, I had to find the hand values. Wiki Aunty helped me. A quick look at the my past got me through.. Easy one I must say if you could think about where to look for the answer.

Klueless 7 Level 22: Rebus!? Have you heard about it? All you have to do is connect the pairs of pictures and approach Google Uncle with everything you got. But you have to have a basic understanding about the pictures. For e.g. third set of pictures is a glass and a shark. But you have to read it as Glass jaw, from the movie jaws. Now try the rest. P.S. they said homo-sapiens instead of humans or persons. :)

Klueless Level 23: Brilliant level from a TGRS guy. As you can see it's a crime scene. All you have to find is the evidence of the crime. Just be known that in the course of the crime the wall picture broke off and fell upside down. There are bullets holes in the picture. Now you squint at the negative space around it. Let me see you detective skills.

Klueless 7 Level 24: It's a game and you have to find what it is. There are enough and more hints in the picture, source, legends and the url. Now for an answer all you have to find is the third snake. Any idea what's it. Pages with Wiki Aunty might help if you scour enough. Think about great skies and those wandering through it.. :)

Klueless 7 Level 25: Aha.. Such a beautiful level. You could only be amazed by the thought process went behind creating such brilliance. Believe me I know. I tried. It's a crime to give clues to levels like this. How do they come up with such stuff. Google Uncle is your only friend here. Find out who they are and answer their question. And finally change your answer to a language that they could speak for you to go home.

Klueless 7 Level 26:This's my level and I don't like to give klues here. Just kidding guys. Now see that strange looking characters. It's from an alien world. Find out what's it and do exactly as the source tells you to do. If studying is boring, then Wiki Aunty might help if you pester her enough. Come back to the image. For veterans, you could understand the conversation between the Doctor and the Detective. Noobs, there's a reason that some words are capitalised. And I might say there's more to that chat than you first look at it. Now if you got the file, fill up the grid by plotting characters of what you get. Now do as exactly what the buttons say, keeping in mind the smalls and caps. Before you go for the kill, take a quick peek at the image once more. I expect you feed back about this level.

Klueless 7 Level 27: Are you a game addict!? Then this must be easy for you. If not find the game. Find the map. Scour the area. Find the people. Find what's more to find. Put it in the answer bar. Go home. WuZiMu and CJ helps you here along with Google Uncle.

Klueless 7 Level 28: Oh.. Crap. The crappiest level of K7, only to be behind Level 17. This level would've been brilliant, if they changed the answer to something else. It's almost same as L17. You have to find the charges for the trip. They say you have the pass, but you need to find a sheet. But when I put my daily pass of 710 as answer they say "Nice try, but you'll have to buy all the tickets" You have to find out the city. You have to find out the places. you have to find out the stations near by those places. You have to make a travel plan. You have to find out the fare for commuting from station to station. And finally, you have to add up everything to get to the next level.

All these are really interesting - except for the fact that there are many abnormalities with what they intended and what is actual.   

If you are banging your head with inappropriate or insufficient data, then come back and see the short cut. I really didn't have any fun with this level because I applied the short cut.If your stations are correct, then the train site of that city will give the exact price. But unfortunately, the clues are too general and vague to pin point any particular station. Only you could make sure the stations are correct by interacting with the mods. But that will take time and sometimes the replies are vague. You'll kill yourself by calculating fares of unsure itinerary only to be find that it's not correct. Check the pillars in the station, it refers to a particular site. Once you reach there, you'll get an Idea. Unfortunately that's the only site you could get info. Best way to finish off this level easily, quickly and painlessly is to calculate a approximate figure and put in answers with +- some 300 as Std. Deviation. And as lucky as we get, the amounts are in the multiples of 10. Try this when the mods are no longer there to clear your doubts. 
And remember the aim of the game : Go to the next level by hook or by crook. :)

Klueless 7 Level 29: Here lies the beauty of Klueless. Absolutely brilliant. One of the best levels in K7. Might be just behind L34 in it's sheer brilliance. You have to SMS someone.. wait that's too Indian right, think outside India. Use an other word. As the title says it's all about numbers and words. First find the numbers. Why don't you decode it. You see them doing it in super markets all the time. Now for the fun part, you just have to find out where the words might come from. Remember the SMS clue. For noobs, learn the intricacies of Klueless. Then it's just a matter of bijection (remember the word, it might be useful later). Finally, if you still can't make out what it is, then seek Google Uncle's help to reach a LEGEND!!

Klueless 7 Level 30:This is one of the complex, confusing and hair pulling level of K7, yet so simple and brilliant. Seek Google Uncle's help to know what the image says. Sam and Rinzler were not mere characters of a movie here. The colors tell you a lot. You have to find out the "Lanes". The combined search of certain words from 'source' and image name might help you to reach a page with "Wiki Aunty" But I must warn you, she might confuse you. Better go somewhere else to get a clear picture. You have to understand that Sam and Rinzler comes out different after they enters from Gate A and emerges from Gate B. Somewhere in between Rinzler change the 'Lanes' as Sam continue in his Lane. 
A clue saw in K7 blog: "To all who are stuck at level 30: do not consider any of the hints. Do not watch the scene. Do not worry about colors or anything. Look at the image, the title, source etc. Something will pop out. Then start applying random combinations related to what’s in front of you. You will get the answer in 10 minutes instead of 10 hours (this shortcut method tried and tested on a volunteer fellow Kluemonger)" :)

Klueless 7 Level 31: As I told you I hate maths. The moment I saw those complex equations, my mind went blank. But it seems you can bye-pass that equations. Because I did. As usual you could approach Google Uncle. For a start Find out what the image is. It's also some brain wracking Statistical Theory. But a combined search of source, page title and the image gives you something different entirely. Find out what it's. Relate that to image name and url, and you can relax. Something seems complex and gruesome becomes a cheeky level. :)

Klueless 7 Level 32: Oh.. What a beauty this level has been.. Interesting, New and Such a brilliance. Only if you are a programmer you could understand what went behind creating such brilliance. Now all we layman could do is obey Frankie. When Frankie says RELAX, you better sit back and relax.  It's too easy for a level 32 if your could relax in the course of such a painstaking ride. :)

Klueless Level 33: Remember I said about remembering a name, if not refer this level's page title. Too many jections.. isn't it? Now read the source carefully. I meany very carefully. All that's to be done here lies there. Find out with the help of Google Uncle what that famous pangram is, if you don't already know. Then in order to succeed, again refer the source carefully. The numbers on the image will only help you when you find the Uniqueness. For veterans, this level is somewhat similar to last level of K6. For noobs, just find the ID, send a mail, you'll get something in return. Then you'll know what's to be done. If you're still klueless, then you could again seek Google Uncle's help. Wiki Aunty will be waiting at the gates with answer ready. 
P.S: This level really has nothing to do with colors.

Klueless 7 Level 34: Prepare yourself. This is going to be a loooooooooong level. They made us work like dogs in this level. This's is the best level in Klueless 7. Perhaps one of the best in whole six kluelesses combined. At the end you'll love it for sure, even not amazed by it's sheer brilliance. 
First you need to find that Rhyme character and Marry her to the cricketer. Now Google Uncle helps you to Wiki Aunty. Find the page and find what's there to find. Now comeback and scamper around with the url. Am sure, this's not going to be easy. But trial and error works. This will help you identify your seven deadly sins.
Now refer the missing characters in the title. You'll get an Idea. Yes, you have to decode it. It's not all of it. It will require all of your picture editing skills to get past this level. 

P.S. Who said there are only seven sins?

Klueless 7 Level 35: Aha.. Another beautiful level. To cross this L. barrier, you have to find the opposite of true friend. Take the first part of source code literally with reference from url. Then refer the next part for whatever you've to find. You'll get to know what to seek after you get the first part correct. Now come back to the picture to take the next step. One step at a time. Go Arabic Style. Use Google Uncle's other tool which helps a traveler. An open clue for this level would be, there are 25 words. you've to reduce to a single word. Think how could you do this. :)

Klueless 7 Level 36: Is this enough!?? Or do you need clues for this level also? It's the final level na? See what you could do own your own..

Do send the reply to them no matter whenever you finish. They want to hear from you.. And you  might get information mail next year about it's next edition. 

I posted this clues to create an interest in the game.  My small advice. Don't pull your hairs. Take breaks in between. It always helps. Impossible is nothing. Wish you happy Kluelessing.

Now remember this...

Help shall always be given at KLUELESS to those who ask 

for it. - Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
For those really stuck on some levels, you can write to me. I wont give u a direct answer, but I'll help you get closer. 

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